Graduate Process


Operations to be performed during graduationare as follows;

1-Aksaray University GraduateEducationand Training Regulation (Article 30)               

2-After Successfully presenting the thesis, the student brings an unbound copy of the thesis to the Institute. One of the assistants of the Director and / or the Directors hall examine.

3-The student who makes the necessary corrections should transfer the 2 copies of the thesis to the CD, a copy of the thesis in PDF format, and also the thesis abstracts in English andTurkish.

4-In addition, students must fill in some forms on the web site of the Institute and submit it to the Institute. These forms are;

a) Disconnect form

b) Permission Form for Transfer of Thesis Content to Electronic Media

c) Thesis Data Entryand Publishing Permit Form (2 pcs)

d) Master'sThesis CD Delivery Envelope Form


e) Doctorate Thesis CD Delivery Envelope Form

1 copy of the Acceptance Approval page for Doctorate or the Graduate Acceptance Approval page for Graduate must be delivered with these forms.